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Dominika Bobály

The MVO objects which are accessible via the LIBRARYGLOBALS “request” are simple libparts under the Library Global Settings subtype (you can create your own if you like, with your own custom parameters). To be able to access the options of any of them, you need to know the name of the libpart. Currently we have 2 of them in the library: “LG_DWSymbSettings” for Door and Window symbol settings panel, and “LibraryGlobals13” for Miscellaneous panel. The request needs the name of the libglobal object, and the name of the parameter the settings belongs to. You can open these objects (type the names into the report window, and hit “Open object…”), and look up the parameter you need to rely on, and in the parameter script, search for the values you can use in your own objects as conditional variables. The “Show opening lines in 3D” – doors parameter name is “D_showBOpLine3D”. Hope this helps.
Since these are not built-in library parts, but custom ones, currently this is the only method you can look up the MVO parameters.

Dominika Bobály
Product Manager