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Hello Gergely Fehér,
I am using your code for listing components of complex profiled wall, But not all components are returned by the program. In additions some quantities are wrong.Unable to understand. I cannot attach the PLA file for you due to restriction on size of attachments here. I tried to use the code over “Brick wall” which lies in the default profile of Ver 19.(Enclosing image and list output for your reference.)
Repeating the code for you

for i = 1 to WALL_SKINS_NUMBER
	success = REQUEST ("COMPONENT_VOLUME", i-1, skinVolume)
	component "volume"+WALL_SKINS_BMAT_NAMES[i][1], skinVolume, "m3"
	success = REQUEST ("COMPONENT_PROJECTED_AREA", i-1, skinArea)
	component "area "+WALL_SKINS_BMAT_NAMES[i][1],skinArea, "m2"
next i

As this happens for all the complex profiles it becomes large issue.
Thanks in advance.