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Geoff Briggs

Hello gentlemen,
I am fighting this bug again. I made some changes to my section marker, which had extra hotspots added as a work-around. After the (unrelated) changes it broke with the usual symptom where some of my editable hotspots stopped working. I tried many options of fake hotspots until I found a solution, which uses only one fake where before I needed three. So the rule of needing the same number at each end is not correct. But my fake hotspot can only be in certain locations to work–the movable HS needs to be in a negative quadrant. If either X or Y have a positive value it fails.

Copy of the marker attached.

All my new work is in AC20, so it’s obvious that the bug has not been fixed. Maybe for AC21?


Geoff Briggs
DeForest Architects
Seattle, USA