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John Peterson

Thank you. That makes sense to some extent. If you consider that currently you can have a schedule that has a connection to an objects parameters and has 2-way communication. Changes to the object effect the parameters, and object display. These values are then passed to the schedule and vice versa. The property is just a new player in the two way communication world. I just need to get a label of the property value onto the drawing next to the object. This label should be able to be updated in the object or the schedule and be updated on the drawing output. So all I was trying to do was to read the property value, and place it on the drawing with the text2 command. Seems like a simple request. Now I have to read the property value and then transfer it and then figure out how to place it. Still seems needlessly complicated, but I defer to the wisdom of the programmers who probably tried to make it work more directly and found the problem with that.

Many thanks, JP