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Barry Kelly

Thanks Christoper,
So the value will always be ‘0’ in the GDL editor and an actual value when the object is placed in the model.
This would work and I will keep it in mind if I need it in future.
For now I have solved most of my issues by migrating to newer objects and swapping the parameters as necessary that way.

We have GLOB_VIEW_TYPE values of 2 to 9 – why couldn’t we have a value of ‘1’ I wonder for the library part editor?
There must be a reason why not.

GLOB_CONTEXT while deprecated (and no longer listed in the GDL reference) still seems to work (in 2D and 3D scripts) and in Master script as long as it is not trying to set as a parameter.
I hope this will still be the case as I have many hundreds of objects that use it many times in 2D & 3D scripts.
Maybe Gergely can confirm if this OK or will GLOB_CONTEXT just not work at all in future versions?
I have managed to eliminate it from all of my Master scripts but would hate having to go through all the 2D & 3D scripts to fix the problems.
I notice there are still version 20 objects using it so I am hoping it is safe to continue with it.


Versions 6.5 to 22
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