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Laurits Frydenberg

Hello again Gergely Fehér

I try your suggestion, but when was length the same on the same on all four as I should have.
That I should have the length of 1200, 900, 600 and 450 mm and this is where I have to slightly adjust the lengths up door, windows and corners. Then it would have been easy to use hotspot to adjust the length.

It’s possible I miss understood you. What I tried I was that I created two macros one that had parameters for the 1200 and the parameter 900.
The 1200 I used (call macro_navn parameter all) then works out everything as it should with hotspots.
But when I use when I use (call macro_navn parameter B = B, etc, etc, ..)
when the length the same as 1200 but I can use hotspots but it is wrong length.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks again

Laurits Frydenberg

Technical drawing