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Anders Juul

Thanks for your reply. I programed the symbol, and now the symbol scale from the center when I change the paper size 🙂

One more question. How do I make al fill, so the symbol gets a colour : Se se attached

/ Anders

_paperToModel = GLOB_SCALE / 1000
bb = bb_mm * _paperToModel

mul2 a, b
add2 0, 0
pen penAttribute_1
line_property 0

! Firkant line
line2 -500*bb,-500*bb,-500*bb,500*bb
line2 -500*bb,500*bb,500*bb,500*bb
line2 500*bb,500*bb,500*bb,-500*bb
line2 500*bb,-500*bb,-500*bb,-500*bb
! pil line
line2 -500*bb,0*bb,-50*bb,400*bb
line2 -50*bb,400*bb,300*bb,400*bb
line2 300*bb,400*bb,50*bb,150*bb
line2 50*bb,150*bb, 400*bb,150*bb
line2 400*bb,150*bb, 400*bb,-150*bb
line2 400*bb,-150*bb, 50*bb,-150*bb
line2 50*bb,-150*bb, 300*bb,-400*bb
line2 300*bb,-400*bb, -50*bb,-400*bb
line2 -50*bb,-400*bb, -500*bb,0*bb