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René Ande

For production we have to generate an visual picture and a partslists.
The idea is to draw an object depending on the user input. e.g. if tick01 is set draw a block / if tick02 is set make a hole in this block.
After this export the booleans of tick01 and tick02 so I know that in object a) there is only a block, in object b) there is a block and a hole.

ui_infield{3} “tick01”, 15, 210, 180, 19,
7, “”,
0, 0,
0, 0, 0, 0,
“”, there's no block, 0,
“”, there's a block, 1
(same for tick02)

in 3D-shape
if tick01 then
block 1,1,1

(same for hole)

-> and now here to read-out the variable tick01 and tick02