Reply To: more picture parameters

Csilla Mai


If you would like to use the same value list for the same parameter in more library parts, you can create a library part under Library Master subtype. This library part’s every value list definition applies to all the parameters with the same name in the loaded library. If you write the value list definition for “gs_picture_name” parameter in the parameter script of the library part with the Library Master subtype, as the example:

values "gs_picture_name" "1.png", "2.png", "3.png", "4.png", CUSTOM

then every string parameter with the name “gs_picture_name” will get this value list automatically.

If you want to use the same value list in one library part more times, it is recommended to store the list in an array, and use the array as a value list for the differently named parameters.

Csilla Mai
Library Developer, Library Team