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Barry Kelly

Are you sure?
I dimension to standard hotspots (3d hotspots in sections and elevations) in my objects all the time.
Have never had any problems with them being associative.

However you do need to (or I think it is best to) have unique IDs (that don’t change – i.e. don’t use UNID = UNID+1 between hotspots) for each hotspot.
If you don’t have IDs you can still associate dimensions (I think) but they associate to the auto ID so dimensions can disappear or associate to another point if a hotspot isn’t used in a script (i.e. inside an IF / THEN routine) – thus changing the auto-ID numbering.
This is why it is best to hard code the ID for each hotpot.
This however becomes a problem when you CALL macros or use GOSUBS that also have hotspots as you need to increase their ID numbers to keep them unique.


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