Reply To: Calling interface macro

Bruce Walker

Thanks Gergely and Dominika. I have managed to get it working now. For future reference for anybody with the same issues who may stumble across this post:
1. I had accidentally declared the ID variable the same in both objects (e.g. unID = 1). I changed the macro declaration to ensure the listfield ID was unique.

2. I was using the tab[iTAB] = “” : iTAB = iTAB + 1 method to declare all my page titles. This works well with only one object, but with a macro, it gets too complicated (I found). So I swapped out the array for direct variables. Next time, I think I’ll just write the page title directly in the subroutine.

3. Each page needed a unique ID…in the order I wanted them to appear.

4. The call function needed to include “gs_ui_current_page = gs_ui_current_page”

Thanks again!

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