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Péter Baksa


Yes, SYMB_VIEW_PEN doesn’t work for railings and stairs, since railing objects don’t have a Symbol Line Pen setting like objects do.
The usual parameters A, B, ZZYZX, AC_show2DHotspotsIn3D, ac_toplevel, ac_bottomlevel,
gs_cont_pen, gs_fill_type, gs_fill_pen, gs_back_pen,
and most of the SYMB_… globals except SYMB_MIRRORED are irrelevant.

There is a trick you can use, without rewriting the macro:
Globals are really global variables, they can be changed in script, they are passed to the macro with their current values, and don’t get reset at the beginning of the macro.
In the railing object use SYMB_VIEW_PEN = before the macro call.

Péter Baksa
Library Platform, Software Engineer