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Denny Wong

Hi Denny,

It’s not a single problem, it is adding a new function to the standard library. This should be done with the proper workflow as you mentioned first, there is no other solution, teher is no migration between duplicates…

Thanks Gergely. It is a bit disappointing if ArchiCAD just select one of the duplicate at random but it is what it is.

I am a bit confused.
The angle of the door swing is not set in the MVO currently as far as I know (I don’t actually use the GS library but I just had a quick look).

Why don’t you just manually set the angle of the doors in that one plan to 45°.
What ever angle you set them to is what they should be even when used in a hot-link.


Hi Barry, our problem is we produce GA plans from one file where the doors need to be 90° while the same door when hotlinked to another PLN needs to be 45° on a Sales Brochure plan. Whatever angle I set it in the Component PLN will affect both plans.

The GS doors swings do not use MVO as you say; this is something I need to add to the 2D script which will solve the above problem. It is not difficult at all, but in order for that to take effect I have to remove the default GS door from the loaded library of Sales Brochure PLN; otherwise AC will load the same old GS door every time. I am hoping to avoid extracting the entirety of the ArchiCAD Library LCF just to remove one gsm from one single file of a project… hence the question.

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