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Barry Kelly

OK I see now.
I would say you have a couple of options.

Modify the existing object so it has the MVO option (and of course add the option to the MVO).
Of course the problem with this is if GS ever update the library, you will not be able to update this door or the MVO scripts without losing all the work you have done.

So you really have no choice except to create a new door object.
I would ‘save as’ the door so it has a new GUID.
Add the MVO settings and create a new MVO interface page that controls this setting.
Now you have two objects that won’t ever get updated – you just have to load them together with any new library.
Except now you have the problem of replacing all the doors in you file.
If not too many I would do it manually – transferring the parameters as you swap the object.
If there is a lot to change then I would add a migration script to the new door.
You will have to extract the LCF library so you can temporarily delete the original door.
The door object should now swap for your new one.
Re-load the original LCF library together with your new door and MVO and you should be fine.
Just to be on the safe side I would remove the migration script in the new door object.


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