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Denny Wong

Thanks Barry,

I guess extracting the LCF is not avoidable in any case, which is a bit of a burden when it comes to forward compatibility. Our office is going to move to AC21 in the coming month – there’s no worse timing to create a duplicate library.

In terms of replacing the door there 300+ of them but that’s not a problem at all. I can simply
1. load the new door with a FWM referencing the old door
2. unload the GS default library – Door 19.gsm is gone and therefore all doors get GUIDs migrated
3. load the new library with the new door
…then you are all set. By doing step 1 first (i.e. not just swap the library) it allows Door 19.gsm to live in the new library – potentially to be called as a Macro from the new Door. This will simplify the process when going to AC21 as Door 21.gsm will get called instead (through cached GUID within the new Door).

Still debating about extracting LCFs though….

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