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Bruce Walker


Can you post a 3D image? From what I can tell, this is an excellent object to start your GDL experience. If you post an image, I think I could knock together a part for you to investigate to figure out how this stuff works.

There are two free resources:
1. The GDL Reference Guide, available from the ARCHICAD Help menu. I use this every time I script, as it’s the reference on how all the GDL commands work. Really dry reading, but a really useful reference.
2. GDL Cookbook, a Google search will direct you here. This is an easier read, but is old (2004).

There is another worthwhile resource called GDL Handbook by Andrew Watson, but you have to pay for this one. If your company is willing to buy it, it’s worth it (but maybe after you’ve done a couple of objects first).

Jump in! It’s definitely worth it.

Of course, in the meantime, have you tried the log wall option in ARCHICAD? I’m guessing that because you work for a log home company that uses ARCHICAD, you have.

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