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Denny Wong

Thanks Barry, I fully understand that. However I am still quite confused over the fundamental principles of how the scripts interact when it comes to 3D Hotspot editing.

What I am hoping to do is in simplest terms: make a hotspot a “drag button”, when triggered every time, it adds 1000mm to A. The button resets itself after each use.


if flip_switch then
   A = A + 1
   flip_swtich = 0


_unID = 1
hotspot 	0,		0,		0,		_unID,	flip_switch,	1+128,	flip_switch: _unID=_unID+1
hotspot 	-1,		0,		0,		_unID,	flip_switch,	3,	flip_switch: _unID=_unID+1
hotspot 	flip_switch,	0,		0,		_unID,	flip_switch,	2,	flip_switch: _unID=_unID+1



values "flip_switch" 0,1

if GLOB_MODPAR_NAME = "flip_switch" then
	parameters flip_switch = flip_switch
	parameters A=A

However I found that the interaction between Parameter Script/3D Script/GLOB_MODPAR_NAME very weird during 3D Hotspot operations, GLOB_MODPAR_NAME is triggered continuously before the user finishes with the edit. The example above triggeres flip_switch 8 times every time you touch it, and it does not reset itself to 0 either.

That’s why I am wondering if GLOB_FEEDBACK_MODE will be able to ensure that the editing is finished, THEN we reset the switch and change A.

However what I found out the hard way is that even when the user finishes editing (i.e. during the last parameter script run before everything ends), GLOB_FEEDBACK_MODE is still TRUE even though at that point editing has ended.

I probably could figure this out by some lengthy trials…

NOTE This is AC19 I am testing on though.

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