Reply To: Requesting platform, mac or windows

Dominika Bobály

thanks for the uploads. We are aware of the issue with ui_infield: before AC 22, there was no correct way to set up a multi-row image control for the same parameter. Viable workaround does not really exist (not even with method 4): ui_infield does not tolerate well if parts of the valid parameter value range are omitted from the UI control.
Since we also had issues with this, for AC 22 new interface commands were introduced to make the layout possible: UI_PICT_RADIOBUTTON.
You can create a mosaic-image with pushable parts (note, only one part can be selected in this case).
If you want multiple parts of the mosaic to be pushable at the same time (booleans), you can use the UI_PICT_PUSHCHECKBUTTON the same way.
Just ignore the preview overlap warnings if you want to have a continuous mosaic image:).
Enclosed are the resulting controls on both platforms.
Is this what you want it to look like? I used this cross image to check on the image edges.

Dominika Bobály
Product Manager