Reply To: AC22 new Label fixed parameters

Dominika Bobály

Hey Geoff,
first, it is lovely to hear you like the new additions of text handling.
Here goes:
1. Add/Remove Pointer locking: this was left out intentionally, by design. We did not want to create a parameter for Pointer control, we kept it as a Global variable (with a more suitable name), therefore no locking option. The automatic pointer-drawing function is one of the basic features of any label, can make a symbol label work similar to Text/Autotext Labels. Also, keeping it out of the parameter list saves the trouble caoused by multi-selection. Usually we script our symbol labels to have a simpler text format suitable for the Pointer ON version, too, and it is recommended you do the same.
2. The basic idea long ago was to have this “Uniform Pen” to overwrite in display all pen settings of an element. It is supposed to work as you expect it: to deal with the poly2 contours and fill pens as well. This is a bug, thanks for letting us know about it.

Dominika Bobály
Product Manager