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Barry Kelly

A single HOTSPOT2 command will place a black hotspot that can be used to select or drag the entire object.
I won’t drag just a portion of the object.

To stretch just a portion you must use ‘Graphical’ hotspots.
These are a series of commands that produce a purple (may depend on you Archicad settings) diamond shaped hotspot that can be dragged in plan (also can be used in 3D).
You then use an ‘ADD2 x,y’ command before the part of the script you want to drag and a ‘DEL 1’ after it.
This way you can control just a portion of your object.

The hotspots will be something like this.

!Stretchy x
	HOTSPOT2 0, off_ver, 1, off_hor, 1+128 !base
	HOTSPOT2 -1, off_ver, 2, off_hor, 3 !reference
	HOTSPOT2 off_hor, off_ver, 3, off_hor, 2 !moveable

!Stretchy y
	HOTSPOT2 off_hor, 0, 4, off_ver, 1+128 !base
	HOTSPOT2 off_hor, -1, 5, off_ver, 3 !reference
	HOTSPOT2 off_hor, off_ver, 6, off_ver, 2 !moveable

ADD2 off_hor, off_ver

.... object script....


This create a single hotspot that drags both the horizontal (x) and vertical (y) position at the same time.

You will find more info on Graphical hotspots in the GDL reference manual.


Versions 6.5 to 22
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