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Péter Baksa


Well, your problem was that you divided by 0. The globals contained the information, just the script didn’t write them because of the error.

It looks like you are unfamiliar with debugging GDL scripts, so some info that might help in case you don’t already know:
When an error happens in the master or 2D script, a huge dot is displayed on the floor plan.
An error message is written to the Session Report window (File / Info / Session report), if a few things are set up right:
– Options / Work Environment / Menus: List all menus in alphabetical order, find the Library Developer menu, press Add Selected to add to menubar.
– Options / Work Environment / Model Rebuild Options: turn on Write Report (slider position is not important)
– Library Developer / Always Send GDL messages
You can force a full re-run of the 2D and 3D GDL scripts by selecting View / Refresh / hold ALT key – Rebuild & regenerate
I hope you will find these in the german version.

Péter Baksa
Library Platform, Software Engineer