Reply To: Profiles shown in labels

Péter Baksa


use parameters ac_wall_profile_name, ac_colu_profile_name, ac_beam_profile_name in the label to get the name of the composite or profile attribute.

(You could also use the globals WALL_COMPS_NAME, COLU_PROFILE_NAME, BEAM_PROFILE_NAME. For walls WALL_COMPS_NAME returns the composite name too, so that can go wrong if there exists a profile and a composite with the same name.)

Use that string with profile REQUESTs (“Profile_components”, “Profile_default_boundingbox”, “Profile_default_geometry”, “Profile_component_info”) to get the profile geometry, and draw what you’d like. You can only get the default profile geometry, profile offset modifiers currently aren’t accessible to GDL.

Péter Baksa
Library Platform, Software Engineer