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Barry Kelly

A few questions just for my understanding if I may.

1.) So there is no need to DEFINE the fill if you already have the gradient fill as an attribute?
Just SET FILL “Linear Gradient Fill”.

After all you are not really defining a pattern for the fill.
Every gradient fill you define is exactly the same as the others, just with a different name (and attribute number).
It is all about using the correct options in the POLY2_B[3] command and setting the required pen colours.

2.) Why can we not see the gradient and radial fills when a fill parameter is created in the parameter list?
But we can ‘SET FILL’ using those attributes by name in the script.
It would be nice to be able to choose solid, vectorial, symbolic, image and gradient fills from a parameter.

3.)Is there a tricky way to set up graphical hotspots to adjust the settings?
I can create hotspots to move the fill origin.

	!Stretchy x
	HOTSPOT2 0, OriginY, unID, OriginX, 1+128 : unID=unID+1	!base
	HOTSPOT2 -1, OriginY, unID, OriginX, 3 : unID=unID+1	!reference
	HOTSPOT2 OriginX, OriginY, unID, OriginX, 2 : unID=unID+1	!moveable
	!Stretchy y
	HOTSPOT2 OriginX, 0, unID, OriginY, 1+128 : unID=unID+1	!base
	HOTSPOT2 OriginX, -1, unID, OriginY, 3 : unID=unID+1	!reference
	HOTSPOT2 OriginX, OriginY, unID, OriginY, 2 : unID=unID+1	!moveable

And I can add a hotspot to rotate the fill.

	!angle stretchy hotspot
	HOTSPOT2 OriginX,OriginY,unID,patternAngle,6 : unID=unID+1																						!centre
	HOTSPOT2 OriginX+(patternSize),OriginY,unID,patternAngle,4+128 : unID=unID+1																	!base
	HOTSPOT2 OriginX+COS(patternAngle-symb_rotangle)*(patternSize),OriginY+SIN(patternAngle-symb_rotangle)*(patternSize),unID,patternAngle,5 : unID=unID+1	!stretchy hotspot

But I can not make that rotational hotspot also stretch the pattern length.
If I comment out the above rotation hotspot and add this, I can stretch the pattern length.

ADD2 OriginX, OriginY
ROT2 patternAngle
	!Stretchy gradientlength
	HOTSPOT2 0, 0, unID, patternSize, 1+128 : unID=unID+1	!base
	HOTSPOT2 0-1, 0, unID, patternSize, 3 : unID=unID+1	!reference
	HOTSPOT2 0+patternSize, 0, unID, patternSize, 2 : unID=unID+1	!moveable

I guess what I am asking here, is there a way to combine the rotation hotspot with the pattern length?
So we can have a stretchy rotation.
Or will they have to be two separate hotspots?


Versions 6.5 to 22
Dell XPS- i7-6700 @ 3.4Ghz, 16GB ram, GeForce GTX 960 (2GB), Windows 10
Dell Precision M6800 - i7 4700MQ @ 2.40GHz, 16GB RAM, AMD FirePro M6100 (2GB), Windows 7 64bit