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Chris Gilmer

Hello Gergely,

Thanks for the response. I have changed the minimum space settings of a placed instance of a door using the methods you describe above. However, what you describe is a manual, mouse clicking effort. I was looking for what and where I could change values for minimum space for a placed instance by menu selection and in an automated way.

The idea is to present a menu with each door for the approach choices [“Front”, “Hinge”, “Latch”, “Latch w/ closer”]. Each of these approach choices has different settings for the three minimum space parameters of each side of the door. The user makes a single selection of the appropriate approach and all three parameters for that side of the door [Depth, Side Width 1, Side Width 2] are adjusted.

It sounds like I have found these variables in the object editor. I am looking for the same variable in the settings for each door.

I am just starting GDL scripting and cannot Google the right thing to find access for what parameters to change and how to access them. Or is this even possible?

– chris

- chris
JHP Architecture / Urban Design
Dallas, TX