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Lingwisyer GC

Setting SquareV and Pitch_off to only update when they are modified has no affect. They only affect each other.
Disabling the update of these two allows the script to work, but results in it being possible for values to show that are not the ones being used, being outside the min / max.
If I swap parameter “SquareV2” with 0.305 the Master Script works as it is suppose to for that value.

I think you might be right about the Parameter Script being run multiple times, or at least run before the 2D and 3D Scripts. Is there a way to force the Parameter Script to only run once after executing the 2D and 3D scripts?

“SquareV2” does not resolve in the Parameter Script due to being calculated using a requested value, yet if I say “PARAMETERS SquareV2 = 0.305” the incorrect values are still used. This seems to imply the the Master Script is run, then the Parameter Script is looped before the 2D and 3D scripts OR it is just getting confused by the input value from the Parameter Script, and the value calculated in the Master Script and returning 0.

Returning 0 is more desirable then returning incorrect values.


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