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John Peterson

Good morning Peter! May I impose upon you again for an explanation? I’m now using the DIRECTION_SEGMENT function because I can’t use a curve in a tube path. I have the start, end, and included angle of the arc segment as shown in the diagram. I provided a tolerance. I used vardim1 to see how many items were in the array. The result was 6. I followed the instructions to find the various x,y coordinates. The resulting points are nowhere near to points on that curve, or the curve inverted. They don’t have any reference to the curve whatsoever. What i did notice as the distance from the origin to point one and the same to point two was exactly 1 meter. The distance to the third point was not. Can you offer a bit of advice please?

Strike that. I found the problem. The code is wrong on the website. It lists DIRECTION_SEGMENT as the function. The name sounded funny to me so i refereed to the index and there was one that made a lot more sense called SEGMENT_ARC. That worked perfectly. Can you please alert someone as to the error and also please tell them to make the pictures larger and more legible. They are almost impossible to read.

Many thanks, JP