Reply To: Multipage Tiff files handling

Piotr Dobrowolski

I searched for that in LP_XML tool manual and could not find…:)

BTW If searching reliable tool for splitting and merging tiffs then there are few commandline image magick goods for that:

I added for right click over tiff file(winddows):
“C:\Program Files\_ImageMagick_folder_\magick.exe” convert “%1” -set filename:f “%%[t]_%%[fx:t+1]” +adjoin “%%[filename:f].tif”

for joining files put in the folder I made right click option to join tiffs from there into one outside that directory
(unfortunately I could not figure it out to do without bat file creation)
so right click goes to: “_path_to_custom_file_\joinTiff.bat” “%1”

and this bat file contains:
“C:\Program Files\_ImageMagick_folder_\magick.exe” convert %1\*.tiff %1.tiff

I needed also this option for pure bitmaps…and making one overscaled jpg does not work if there are elemenets that need to be crisp ;(