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      Luis cardoso

      Hey guys,

      I draw a lot in the 2d symbol putting things in different layers and using code like

      IF layer1=1 THEN
      FRAGMENT2 1,0

      for every layer so I can turn things on and off.

      The problem is the values of A and B don’t adjust automatically. I activated the “FIT size to 2D symbol” and the “create a bounding box”(compatibility options).

      in layer 1 there is a box of 100 X 200
      in layer 2 there is a box of 300 X 800

      Archicad makes a perfect bounding box depending on the layer but the values of A and B are entire layers limits so they end up being always A=300 B=800.

      Any code that i can make the A and B values= bounding box?

      Thanks in advance

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      Barry Kelly

      Answered over on Archicad-talk.

      It is probably better to post in one forum or the other, and then if you get no reply try the other forum.
      It gets a bit tricky when the same conversation is happening on two different forums.


      Versions 6.5 to 22
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