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      It becomes a compulsion to use Graphic template for lists when you want “Quantity of the Element from which the calculation of component quantity has been derived”, printed in the list. I have noticed that there is no option to get “Quantity of the Element” in “Text Lists”
      Graphic Template gives the option from “#Parameter[Index]”
      However factory shipped “Component List By Keys” needs to be modified for above purpose. Please refer to the attached PDF with comments where I want “sum/ total” of “#Parameter[Index]” in order to go to “level of summary/ subtotal instead of listing all the elements”.
      Somehow this is the practice of displaying “Estimates” in many countries.
      How is this possible?
      Is there any help available on these templates?
      Is it possible to bring “Quantity of Element” in same row of the “Quantity of Component” in text lists?

      Thanks in advance and Regards

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      I am re-posting this issue.
      I tried many ways to come across a solution.
      According to me this is a very important issue when dealing with information from BIM.
      The structure and example of report is like given below.
      Headers Comp Name Comp Code Sum :Ref Quantity Ref Unit Rate Rate Unit Amount
      Definitions Component name given to a material Component code mentioned in database The sum of quantity of the skin of all walls calculated through property object unit mentioned in property object Quantity mentioned in database Database unit Component quantity
      Example Brick masonry 04123456 1.33 cum 100 Rs/Cum 133

      The problem lies in getting (sum of “Ref Quantity”) as project documentation expects summary of components and not list of all element-wise components.

      Please see PDF showing above format.

      Thanks in advance and Regards

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