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      Laura Yanoviak

      I’m hoping for help with an old Zone Stamp written by Tom Waltz. I’ve used this stamp successfully for years, but now it’s broken — presumably because of view dependent global variables in the Parameter Script. I was hoping I could just move those bits into the 2D Script, but that is not the solution.

      There are 3 things about this stamp that are valuable to us: it is scale dependent (that is, it will display differently depending on current Display Scale), it has an Alternate Room Name parameter to abbreviate the ROOM_NAME at certain scales (yet the full ROOM_NAME will schedule), and I was able to manipulate it to look like the National CAD Standard symbol.

      The Zone Stamp 02 20 is scale dependent, and I could probably get an Alternate Room Name to display with a Custom Text parameter, but where it absolutely fails is I cannot get it to look anywhere near like the National CAD Standard symbol… and the macro is a MONSTER.

      I’m hoping there’s an simple fix for the SuperZone_TW.

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      James Murray

      Hi Laura, I’m going to keep looking at it, but I have a bad feeling. The stamp explicitly does what isn’t allowed: Using parameters to store view(scale)-dependent data. It needs the scale to fill the arrays (alt_text etc), and the arrays have to be parameters to preserve the data in placed instances. This kind of clever hack of parameters is what got killed by the new rules.

      I can imagine a simplified version of it that offers a few scales, and the user just has to know what parameters to use for each scale. (Sadly no, you can’t HIDEPARAMETER based on scale either.) I don’t think we can fill in one blank and populate the arrays. It’s not a problem to have graphical editing to move the symbol at different scales – that can be all 2D script.

      James M

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      Laura Yanoviak

      Thank you so much James. You’ve already confirmed my thoughts on the matter.

      That’s why I took a look at the Zone Stamp 02 macro. It’s a wonderfully powerful stamp; however, it falls short on the need to display the room number in a box (and not have the box limit the size of the stamp).

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