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      Mario Sacco

      I have a problem.:-)

      An option on my object doesn’t work fine when more objects are selected.
      It works only if only one object is selected.
      It’s due to the fact that I modify many parameters that depend eachothers.
      It seems that Archicad merge the result of the parameters of the object I see in the dialog interface with the others one.

      If I could understand if are selected more than one object I could disable or enable the option.

      The image show the value I’d like to know in gdl script to disable or enable the option inside the interface.

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      Gergely Fehér

      There is no function in GDL for checking if parameter changes are made with multiple selection. In this situation the modifications are always made on the last selected elements, and the changes are pushed to the other selected elements parameterlist. Locking or setting the unique flag for parameters does not affect this workflow.

      Gergely Fehér
      Team Leader, Library Team

Viewing 1 reply thread
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