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      Daniel Virtic

      Hello everyone.

      I created a prop obj for a wall.

      I created my script for the Custom Component I need. I have @ 3 or 4 components for this prop obj.

      Very important for me is to have the Value of the Component as a parameter and to be able to insert it on a Wall Schedulle.

      So let’s say my component value – will be the length of the wall multiplied with 3.2. I need a parameter in the same object equal with this component value, and to be automatically updated on A Wall Schedulle,

      Is this possible?

      Hope to make sense – Sorry for my english level.

      Any thoughts / advices are welcome.

      Thank you in advance.

      AC20 USA
      •Workstation HP Z800 2 x Intel Xeon Quad Core E5620/E5630, 36 GB ram DDR3 - NVIDIA QUADRO 4000 2 GB memory, Windows 10 pro

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      Gergely Hari

      Hi Daniel,

      alas, this is currently not possible. Values calculated by Property Scripts are only accessible for the “old listing”; not accessible by either Schedules, Labels or API.

      On a v20/v21 basis, I don’t even have a workaround to suggest. Sorry.


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