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      James Goode


      I’m trying to create a Zone Stamp / MVO link where you select the property in model view options and then it shows in the zone stamp.
      The issue is that when selecting the property in the MVO it gives a list of all properties available, is it possible to limit the properties in the menu to a specific classification or something similar?

      Here is my code for requesting the properties and then the list for selecting:

      !=============================== 101
      dim _parentProperties101[]
      n = REQUEST ("Properties_Of_Parent", "", _parentProperties101)
      _displayName101 = ""
      n = REQUEST ("Property_Name", myProperty101, _typeName101, _groupName101, _propertyName101)
      if _typeName101 # "" then _displayName101 = _typeName101 + " : "
      if _groupName101 # "" then _displayName101 = _displayName101 + _groupName101 + " : "
      _displayName101 = _displayName101 + _propertyName101 	! no need to check, always has a string value 
      ui_custom_popup_infield "myProperty101", 
      	250, y-1, 100, 19, 		

      Any help would be great, thanks.

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      James Goode

      Does anybody have any ideas?


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      Csilla Mai

      Hi James,

      The properties cannot be filtered based on a certain Classification for which the properties are valid, because the GDL script does not get the information from ARCHICAD that a given property is valid for which Classification.

      The only filtering option I could suggest is giving the “ACPROPERTY” keyword for the “Properties_Of_Parent”, which filters out the IFC Properties, Core Properties and Classifications.

      If you would like to display very specific properties, the _parentProperties101 two-dimensional array may be filtered: the array elements could be filled to another array in a loop, the unnecessary properties based on the Group Name of the Property could be left out, and that other array could be given to the ui_custom_popup_infield.

      For property handling we do not recommend the MVO object, we preferably suggest the Labels and Objects.
      Best Regards,

      Csilla Mai
      Library Developer, Library Team

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      James Goode

      Thanks for your reply. I thought that might be the case and those are the only solution I came up with.

      May I ask why you don’t recommend the MVO object?

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