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      James Goode


      I am making a Zone Stamp object in ArchiCAD 21 that includes Classification and Properties.
      I have been able to use the n = REQUEST (“Properties_Of_Parent” to be able to set it in the zone stamp.
      However, I want to be able to choose options from this list in the Model View Options. Is there a way that I can get the values from my Properties_of_parent request into my MVO object?
      Or to be able to set for example “Show Fire Rating” in my MVO as a Boolean but then request that variable to then set fire rating in my properties list?

      I hope this is clear enough.

      Thanks Very Much!

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      Denny Wong

      Hi James, I don’t think there is any way to back feed information into MVO objects, my guess is there never will be. What you are doing is exactly what I had done in my office, but in the end I have to do a vardump from REQUEST (“Properties_Of_Parent”) of a Label object so that I can save the list of properties into a TXT file, from which the MVO formulates the list. This obviously prevents you from having an up to date list of properties if you change them very frequently; so you would need to have a robust vardump Label object allowing you to update the TXT file without much hassle.

      I wish GDL allows us to access the IFC Scheme Set/Property Tables.

      On the other hand I believe Applecore is working on a similar object, should you be interested.

      Bond Bryan Architects, Westerham, UK

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      James Goode

      Thanks for the reply. I managed to find a work-around where I just select which lines I want to show in the MVO and then select the properties in my zone stamp object.

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      shaun coomber

      It’s possible to request element properties in the model view options, though Graphisoft have told me this isn’t the intended use so not to rely on it. It isn’t possible to request IFC properties.

      I have a zone stamp that uses the MVO, and I am testing other solutions to access the IFC properties – successfully so far. I hope to release an updated version once AC22 is on the market, to take advantage of the Zone’s new text settings and tabbed UI.

      Denny – Rosey has a copy of our Zone Stamp, but not the version I’m working on with IFC.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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