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      James Goode

      I have a way of working this problem out. I just don’t know how to implement it.
      (I apologise for the amount of posts but this is very frustrating!!)
      All I need is the ability to stop counting the lines based on what one of the rows contains.
      Is there a function that will do what I want it to?

      The row that I don’t want to include starts with “EF_25” which is what I should be able to use to identify it but I just don’t know the line/s of script that will help me achieve it.

      DIM sarray[]
      var = ""
      ! file in the library, containing parameter data
      filename = "ProjectNotes.txt"
      ch1 = OPEN ("text", filename, "MODE=RO, LIBRARY")
      i = 1
      j = 1
      sarray[x1] = ""
      for z = 1 to x1
          n = INPUT (ch1, y, 1, var)
              sarray[j] = var
              j = j + 1
               i = i + 1
      next z
      CLOSE ch1
      ! parameter popup with strings read from the file
      VALUES "RefNote" sarray
      x1 = vardim1(sarray)

      Thank you.

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      Péter Baksa


      This will force the for loop to end:
      if strsub(var, 1, 5) = "EF_25" then z = x1

      Péter Baksa
      Library Platform, Software Engineer

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