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      Matthias Weinlich

      I need an Object (cube,etc) which knows what other objects are in the area and the other way round the object should know in which “cube it is.

      f.e. cube 01 knows it contains 2 red chairs and one table size 180 x 90. The chairs and the table them self knows they are a part of cube 01.

      I don’t want to use zones because the the objects can’t properly request the room number they are in as soon as two zones are overlapping each other. At the end the cube should be a workplace with an individual number. When I research for this workplace it should know what furniture it contains. Researching the furniture it should know what workplace it is related to…

      Also, is there a way how to actualize the Object parameters without opening each object, even when those parameters are in an object which is called into the main object? So if the Parameters are linked to a text file and I change the text file the Parameters on the plan change automatically?

      thank you very much !

      AC 20, Win 7, mac

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      Gergely Fehér

      Placeable objects don’t know anything about other objects – there is no possibility to link them to each other. Maybe an addon can be created to help your workflow…

      Gergely Fehér
      Team Leader, Library Team

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      Andreas Åkerlund

      Have you tried AC21 yet? It might solve your problem since at least in schedules you can now define which zone you wish to check what it contains. Checkout “related zone name” för example in the criteria setup.


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