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    Derek Jackson

    Thanks, I’ve happily got the string outputs in plan view correctly responding to the project preferences.

    However, when I schedule the object (which looks at a realnum translation of the ROOM_AREA parameter), the schedule seems to be stuck at two decimal places. I’ve tried changing the calculated units preference, but this has no effect.

    I suspect I need to do something with the REQUEST(“Calc_area_unit”) command? But I can’t get it to work – it throws up an error in the Parameters script when I place it in the Master script, and besides, I don’t how to apply it directly to a realnum parameter (the examples above show a conversion to a string).

    Any thoughts? Thanks,


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    Derek Jackson

    Thanks Gergely.

    I haven’t looked at marquee editing or any other methods, so this just refers to moving hotspots.

    I wonder if the error may be that I’ve converted the values to strings, and these don’t directly update, as they’re only translated when the settings dialogue is opened.

    However, when I tried some mathematical calculations on the ROOM_AREA parameter (eg calculating acres via area_acre2 = (ROOM_AREA*0.00024710538146), it throws up an error saying

    Operator can be used only for numeric type operands

    (area_acre2 is an undefined parameter type in the example above)

    Any help on how I can get round this?



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    Derek Jackson

    Thanks Gergely, by updating I mean simply editing the shape of the zone contour by moving the hotspots. So does this not update the parameters? If not, how can I force an update?

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    Derek Jackson

    Thanks Barry, that’s a good start – I’m now halfway there!

    When I first add a new zone to the plan, the parameters output to the schedule correctly. However, if I then edit the zone footprint, the schedule doesn’t update, although it happily reads in a second new zone.

    However, if I edit the zone footprint, then open the Zone Settings Dialogue and close it again, the schedule then updates – it’s like the schedule only registers that the parameters have changed when the Settings Dialogue is opened (or is this the only time the parameters area_m2 = area_m2 line is called?)

    For clarity, the relevant code in my Master script is:

    ! output string = 'A:' + output string + written unit
    area_m2 = AreaM2Text + area_m2 + ' sq m'
    area_ft2 = AreaFt2Text + area_ft2 + ' sq ft'
    area_acre = AcreText + area_acre + ' ac'
    area_hect = HectText + area_hect + ' ha'
    calc_acre = CalcAcText + calc_acre + ' ac'
    calc_hect = CalcHaText + calc_hect + ' ha'
    ! Update for scheduling
    parameters num_area_m2 = num_area_m2
    parameters cat_title = cat_title
    parameters area_m2 = area_m2
    parameters area_ft2 = area_ft2
    parameters area_acre = area_acre
    parameters area_hect = area_hect
    parameters calc_acre = calc_acre
    parameters calc_hect = calc_hect

    Any thoughts on what I need to do? It feels like it’s really close now!



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