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    Good morning !

    i need to import from EXCEL a large numbers of columns and lines, i need to find lines by ‘keywords’ by the VALUES function, but… i don’t find…

    1/ my EXCEL file is exported in TXT file with /t separator.
    2/ i can read all the file from the TEXT Add-on in GDL and separate each data.
    3/ i create keywords with the VALUES function.
    4/ … and i don’t find how to use these keywords to search special lines in my TEXT file to record in ARRAYs (several columns and lines with strings and numbers)

    i have tried with DATA Add-on and with TEXT Add-on, but i don’t understand.

    Thanks !


    in reply to: WALL_​ID #4464

    i place my object on a wall, i would like this object to import the ID of the wall, and the same for windows, doors…


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)