Speed relations

Try to avoid using the PROJECT2 command as it slows down plan regeneration.

Reduce the number of surfaces in your model to the minimum in order to make 3D regeneration faster.
Use RESOL, TOLER and RADIUS commands to control segmentation of curved surfaces.
Note that closed bodies regenerate faster in 3D than open ones (e.g., a cylinder is faster than an open tube).

When scripting the master script consider that the master script is run before each script type,
so don’t put script-type specific calculations here.
It is the place for common calculations needed by multiple scripts.

When scripting doors and windows avoid making unnecessary cuts (WALLHOLE and WALLNICHE).

Use integer values and operations whenever reasonable, these are much faster than floating point operations.
Try to minimize the usage of string operations. Use integers with descriptions instead (VALUES{2}).

Write linear parameter scripts where possible, and set the object to run the parameter script only once (GDL editor/Details/Compatibility Options/Run the parameter script only once).

In case of calling macros use the same parameter order after the call
command as it is in the parameter list of the macro.
call "myMacro" parameters all is faster when the parameter orders of the macro
and the caller object are similar.
Try to avoid transferring string type parameters in macro calls. Use numeric types where possible.