August 13, 2015
by Gergely Fehér
modified at March 13, 2017

How to use this site?

Sign in, sign up

You can read all the pages and posts without registering and signing in, but you’ll need a sign in to use the forum or comment the articles. You’ll only need a GRAPHISOFT ID to use this functions, which you can register on this link or the “Sign up” in the top-right corner.

GDL documentation

You’ll find all GRAPHISOFT’s official released GDL related manuals in the GDL Docs menu in the header. From version 19, you’ll find the GDL reference guide here.

GDL basics for beginners

There were many questions about how to start dealing with GDL, so we prepared these lectures to help with the first steps, check them in Learning. The lectures are based on our previous university course, which helped many architects to start using GDL.

Tips and Tricks for advanced GDL developers

Many of us – the GDL developers – usually have questions about how to solve specific problems with the tools available in GDL. We would like to have a continuously expanding knowledge base about solving specific problems. You can discuss the solutions we provide instantly under the posts. If you have any problem about you would like to read in Tips&Tricks you can recommend topics in the forum, or in mail:


In the site’s Forums you can discuss anything you want in the “General discussions” or ask the GRAPHISOFT Library Team about specific problems in your library parts.

Questions and comments

GDL Center is developed and maintained by GRAPHISOFT Library Team and Customer Support Services Team. Please send enquiries about GDL Center to: