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    Hi GDL Center.

    Not sure if this is the place to do this post, but i´ll try…

    I´m exploring the best worklflow regarding converting Solidworks files into usable AC objects.

    I can convert the .sldasm to 3ds and then convert this to gdl/gm in AC
    THis however will create an unacceptable large gdl code/.gsm object

    Since I have written a lot of gdl objects (a copy of the design made by my collegue in Solidworks) I now something about the gdl code, but far from everything!

    In the 3d script created by AC there´s codes for:


    Since I´m only looking for a 3d interpretation of the object, could any these codes be deleted. Or better yet, any way to analyse the data /code and use this to “rewrite” an geometry with 3d basic shapes?

    Bottom line is: Anyway to “rewrite” the automatic generated script, in order to get an acceptable .gsm file size.
    Could there a golden workflow on how to create semi automated .gsm objects from other 3d formats, instead of scripting/writing the object from scratch?

    Any thoughts will be appreciated…

    Kind regards

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