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    Hi GDL Center.

    Not sure if this is the place to do this post, but i´ll try…

    I´m exploring the best worklflow regarding converting Solidworks files into usable AC objects.

    I can convert the .sldasm to 3ds and then convert this to gdl/gm in AC
    THis however will create an unacceptable large gdl code/.gsm object

    Since I have written a lot of gdl objects (a copy of the design made by my collegue in Solidworks) I now something about the gdl code, but far from everything!

    In the 3d script created by AC there´s codes for:


    Since I´m only looking for a 3d interpretation of the object, could any these codes be deleted. Or better yet, any way to analyse the data /code and use this to “rewrite” an geometry with 3d basic shapes?

    Bottom line is: Anyway to “rewrite” the automatic generated script, in order to get an acceptable .gsm file size.
    Could there a golden workflow on how to create semi automated .gsm objects from other 3d formats, instead of scripting/writing the object from scratch?

    Any thoughts will be appreciated…

    Kind regards

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    Nader Belal

    Reduce the floating number length, make it as max 6 decimal spaces

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    Frank Beister

    Try to contact / . I met these German guys at bau2019 trade show in Munich. They told me, that they convert 3d shapes from other cad software by native GDL shapes like cone, tube, cylind into gsm objects. Maybe they can provide an interface for you. Send best wishes from the gdl-door-guy from dormakaba.

    Another soltution is maybe to convert your stuff to binary gsm files.

    GDL developer | | Hamburg, Germany

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