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    Dániel Vida

    I have a C++ addon which places library elements especially mep element, like straight pipe bend pipe, Y, T connections etc… But i have a problem with the connections. If i place a straight pipe from the original mep library, i cannot create start a pipe/ take off from that element. So i assume that there are some parameters which is not configured properly… So my question is that which parameters should i set if i place a straight pipe, or any other object whoich uses gs_Connections. i found the tips and tricks about creating library elements with mep connections, ut it doesn’t help me to place them with addon.

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    Péter Baksa

    Hi Dániel,

    it’s not possible to create MEP connections from another add-on. You can only write GDL objects that must be placed manually through the MEP add-on.

    Péter Baksa
    Library Platform, Software Engineer

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    Vasyl simple_Vasyl

    Never mind, I found I can’t upload “.gsm” file

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