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    Pavel Čapek

    Is there a posibbility to get total sum of value from buffer. I imagine somethink like totalSum=sum(get(nsp)).

    Thanks for replay.

    Pavel Čapek
    senior developer
    BIM Project

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    Joachim Sühlo

    Isn’t it simple NSP itself, which gives you the sum?

    GDL Object Developer
    MAC OSx 10.11

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      Pavel Čapek

      Hello Joachim,
      thanks for reply. But this is not what I mean. Maybe my example bellow will bring some clarification to what I mean.

      put 1, 2, 3, 4

      “nsp” gives me a number of values count => 4 not a sum of values => 10

      Pavel Čapek
      senior developer
      BIM Project

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    Barry Kelly

    Maybe this?

    for n = 1 to (NSP)
    	totalSum = totalSum + GET (1)
    next n
    print totalSum


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