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Barry Kelly

Yes the GDL centre is a good idea.
No I don’t like this forum.
I can’t always remember when I last read the posts and even when I can it doesn’t work.
I read posts about 6 hours ago – there was nothing from CadImage then – I am sure.
Now I look again and there is a post from CadImage 9 hours 44 minutes ago.
I haven’t even been at work for 9 hours (yet) and it wasn’t because I left the browser open and hadn’t refreshed – I started fresh this morning – and I am sure it wasn’t there until now.
Maybe I am mistaken.
So I could easily have missed this post – I like to read everything if I can – you never know what you might learn.

I like the Architalk forum or the Developers forum where new post are highlighted and don’t change until they are read – no matter how long it has been.


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