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Geoff Briggs

This is important to me too. I find the current situation a mess. When the LoD MVO options were introduced I noticed a big difference between the US Lib, which offers three LoDs, and the INT which has five that are very confusing. What’s worse is even with the five levels I cannot achieve the look I want or get doors to match windows.

Given the emergent BIM standards at least three levels is required for most objects. Do we ever need more than that?

I also see that the Library Part Maker tool released to the UK market is set up for three as well, presumably to match the new standards there, but has it’s own MVO panel, which is a shame.

We need a concerted effort to standardize the naming and control scheme while at the same time preserving flexibility as to what sub-elements are included in each LoD. I propose a standardized MVO panel that all objects can utilize. Pair that to a new common UI page in object settings dedicated to LoD that would contain the general (local vs MVO) settings as well as way to assign LoD to specific sub-elements. For example, a window would have assignment options for frame, sash, trim, and sill

Thanks for listening.

Geoff Briggs
DeForest Architects
Seattle, USA