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James Murray

Thanks Dominika, with that hint I have made some progress. I have the property chooser working in the UI script. (Though the ui_outfield seems to show the ‘hiddenID’, while the names are shown in the list. I worked around this by making the hiddenID the same as the name.)

Now I am stuck again on Property_Value_Of_Parent. I have figured out how to get the property ID which corresponds to the chosen property name. According to the ref guide, the value is returned in an array ‘propertyValues’. The value is in there; I can use PRINT to see it, and there is no other data printed. Vardim1 reports that the array dimension is 1, yet this:

sPropContent='' ! init
sPropContent= propertyValues[1]

gives an error of ‘Index value greater than array dimension’.

Thanks again, looking forward to the article.

James M