Reply To: UI button – parameters

Szabadi Gergely


Thanks for the respond. Sorry it doesn’t work for me. If I use the “application_query” then I get a missing comma error.
But I would like to show, what I am really into. I attached the gsm. with a UI picture, what I am working.


I have a “n” (1-10) looped 3D obejct.
I have 10 surface parameter. I control them with array.
I would like that the user can control with UI BUTTONS (+, -) the n parameter so when I push “-” button it delete a row, but the essence is that I don’t want to delete the row, I only want that every material parameters value would jump one place + or -.

I hope I describe my problem well. I am so sorry, I get that it is not so much a forum theme rather my own defect that I cannot understand.

Thanks for any help

G. Szabadi