Reply To: Request Object Parameters with Label

Joachim Sühlo

Have you tried this (this REQUEST works in labels and markers to read Parameters from the associated objects):
REQUEST (“ASSOCLP_PARVALUE”, expr, name_or_index, type, flags, dim1, dim2, p_values)

Example from a GS-Marker:
! — Fire Rating ————————————————————–

if GS_iCustomText_5 = CTXT_MEASUREDVALUE or not(AC_show_firerating) then
firerating = “”
rrr = request (“ASSOCLP_PARVALUE”, “gs_list_firerating”,
index_firerating, type_firerating, flags_firerating,
dim1_firerating, dim2_firerating, firerating)
AC_MarkerText_5 = AC_FirePrefix + firerating ! Fire Rating Value
parameters AC_MarkerText_5 = AC_MarkerText_5

GDL Object Developer
MAC OSx 10.14