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      Joseph Remick


      I am trying to get the simplified 2D view I created for a 3D object of a sink I specify often.

      I have the object to the point where I have the 2d symbol showing up, but now when I add the object to a new pln file the 3D does show up.

      Can you please help me figure out what is going on?

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      Dominika Bobály

      please tell more: did you use PROJECT2 command for the 2D display, or you scripted an independent 2D symbol? Are you using binary 2D, or scripted? What does “add to a new pln file mean”? You load the object with library manager, or copy paste it from another file, etc. Best would be if you could send us the object in e-mail so we could take a look, or if you want more people looking into the matter here on the forum, upload the object to this forum thread.

      Dominika Bobály
      Product Manager

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      Joseph Remick

      Attached is the object. I drew the 2D symbol in the 2D View tab and then deleted all previous script code in the 2D script tag. I don’t know what PROJECT2 is referring to.

      When I go to a new project model (.pln) and want to insert this new object. The 2D view show in plan views, but the 3D elements of the object do not appear in any 3D views.

      Let me know what e-mail I should use. I can send you the PLN model file that I used to create the object. It is larger than what I can post to this thread.

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      Joseph Remick

      i could not post the gsm file, so I compressed it into a .zip format

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      Barry Kelly

      Your object is calling another object called “stages 45” in the 3D script.
      I would be guessing this is in the embedded library of your original file which is why it works there but is not loaded in any new file which is why you are not seeing any 3D.
      You need to export that object from the original embedded library and place it in your loaded library.


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