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      Janusz Giermanski

      I wonder if anybody successfully change UI of Doors.
      Doors in international, USA and UKI versions do not show all options visible in UI for door frames, door handles and door types, for example:
      Door frames only 3 options but if you check on bEnableNEDFrameStyles parameters in gs_general_lt_door_macro you will have 2 extra options of frames. This is simple change and not require to much work. I wonder why is not allowed in door settings by default.
      Second much bigger problem is option for different door handles inside and outside.
      Default Metal Door 24 UI show only one type handle for inside and outside, Storefront 24UI show different handles for inside and outside.
      Did anybody successfully change Metal Door 24 UI to have inside and outside different handles. I was hoping that will be similar one check box option to do that but unfortunately is not. DoorHandle macro have UI with pop down menu for inside and outside handle but after trails and errors I have given up with adopting that in Door 24.
      Only USA door version do have that option in UI. I must say that after study of all macros used in door my head is spinning, Graphisoft created the most complicated system impossible to logically put in order.

Viewing 0 reply threads
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